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Dinnerware that is infused with beauty and strength, charming dishes, patterned in colourful new designs make for serve ware that will always be noticed. The Dinnerware is break, chip and scratch resistant along with being non porous and hygienic for everyday use and easy up keep.


Composition & Dimensions


6 Dinner Plate 10.5 Inches
6 Quarter Plate 7.5 Inches
6 Veg Bowl 4 Inches
6 Soup Bowl 5 Inches
6 Soup Spoon
2 Serving Bowls 9 Inches
1 Oval Platter 13 Inches

Care Instructions 


Thermal resistant - no cracks on heating food in microwave directly from refrigerator
Break, chip and scratch resistant - ideal for everyday use.
Care Instruction: Handle it with care,Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
Chip Resistant,Scratch Resistant,Stain & Fade Proof

Hi-Luxe Premium Opalware 33 PCs Dinner Set

  • We do not use any filters in our product photography. So you exactly get what you see on our website.

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