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Bring the charm of the forest into your home with our Resin Deer Showpiece set. Crafted from high-quality resin, this set features two beautifully detailed deer figurines with a premium finish. The intricate details and elegant design make these showpieces a perfect addition to any home decor.


DIMENSIONS : Deer I : Height 12 Inches, Length 7 Inches Depth 4 Inches 
DIMENSIONS : Deer II : Height 9 Inches, Length 7 Inches Depth 4 Inches


Accessorise a mantel or side table with this striking figurine. Finished in a smooth matte colour, this abstract set is sure to catch your guest's eye. Channelise your inner energy with our chic deco tabletop abstract figurines. A very contemporary combination of hues makes this figurine perfect for a contemporary as well as transitional decor styles.

Majestic Reindeer Home Decor Figurines (Set of 2)

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