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This elegant and premium Whiskey set of Ice bucket with glasses is a must have bar set for everyone who loves to enjoy a high-end drink. This is also a good option for occasional gifting, Diwali gifts, corporate gifts, gift for client and many other. The handle on the ice bucket makes it easy to carry. It also has an ice tong to help you serve ice.

This set contains a glass ice bucket and 6 whiskey glasses
Capacity of each whiskey glass is 300ml
The ice bucket comes with a steel handle and ice tong.
Crafted from lead-free glass for perfect brilliance and permanent clarity


Heavy premium & luxury glassware
High durability
Cut-glass textures
Easy to hold
Easy to clean
Dishwasher Safe


An exceptional value and an excellent gift for any occasion


This handsome whiskey glasses set are Perfect for Home Bars, Restaurants, bachelor party, festivities, weddings and much more. enjoying whisky on the rocks. where ice “feels” right, get a lot of the aroma and enjoy your Bourbon.

Opera Style Set of Ice Bucket with 6 Crystal Whiskey Glasses

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