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Fill the brains of this skull shaped beer mug with your favourite brew. This mug holds up to and is a must have for any bar or skull lover. Indulge in the ultimate drinking experience with this Brain freeze Skull Beer Mug. Its uniquely shaped design adds a touch of sophistication to any bar, while its generous allows you to pour and enjoy more of your favorite brew.


Material - Glass
Colour- Transparent
Mug Capacity 340 ml
Box contains 4 Beer Mugs
Clear glass with skull design and beveled rim
Lots of room for a generous head of foam
Perfect for enjoying beer
Hand wash

These Glasses are Stylish, strong, durable and a nice addition to any situation. Designed to release the full flavor and aroma of spirits for an optimal sensory experience- Dishwasher safe and Refrigerator safe. Deep freeze safe

Set of 4 Skull Beer Mugs 340ml

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