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These Devnow Kedan Dinner Plates is modern and perfect way to enjoy main course meals. The dinner plates can also be utilized in cafes and restaurants with imperial or romantic themes. This deep dish dinner plate can also be used for pasta or noodle plate.




Pack Content : Set of 2 Devnow Kedan Dinner Plates
Plate Diameter : 26 cms (10 Inches)
Material : Ceramic Stoneware 
Finish : Features a glossy glaze finish
Made of non-toxic, food-safe material




The product can be machine washed and hand washed. The product is Microwave safe and Oven Safe. Wipe with a clean cloth. Keep away from slippery hands and wipe with a clean cloth.

Devnow WABISABI WHITE Kaden Dinner Plate 10 Inches (Set of 2)

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