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This premium quality Shiv Parivar Statue is an absolute divine expression. This intricately crafted statue, made of premium resin, is a stunning representation of Lord Shiva and his family.


Product Details :


Material: Poly Resin 
Dimensions: Height: 12 Inches, Length: 10 Inches, Width: 6 Inches
Weight: 2.4 Kg
Colour: Glossy White & Gold
Washable : Yes (Do Not Rub )
Pack Content: 1 Idol
Country of Origin : India

Made of poly resin. Statue is resistant to any, even the most unfavorable, weather conditions: temperature changes, dampness, moisture, frost, sunlight.

How to Clean :


Step 1:- Remove the dust with soft brush or air pressure
Step 2:- Make a basin of clean water
Step 3:- Pour in an appropriate amount of detergent Stir and foam
Step 4:- Take a soft foam sponge and Gently wash your statues using sponge. (Do not hard rub).
Step 5:- Wipe with soft dry cloth

Elegant Glossy White and Gold Shiv Parivar Statue

  • We do not use any filters in our product photography. So you exactly get what you see on our website.

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