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Serve your family for daily drink or entertain guests at the party. Our pitcher is widely used for water, iced tea, fruit infused water, home made beverages, cold brew coffee, sangria, milk etc. Perfect to prepare and serve cold or hot beverage, the water in the dispenser can be easily poured out of it.

Material: Glass
Colour: Transparent
Capacity: 5 litres

Dimensions: Height 15 Inches x Diameter 8 Inches
Style: Modern


With a spacious 5-liter capacity, this dispenser is perfect for hosting large gatherings, parties, or events. It ensures that your guests have easy access to their favorite beverages without constant refilling.


The built-in tap makes dispensing beverages effortless and mess-free. 


Crafted from durable and high-quality crystal-clear glass, this dispenser ensures longevity and maintains the purity of your beverages.


The materials used are resistant to staining, odors, and chemical leaching, providing a safe and hygienic option for serving drinks.


Perfect Gift for an anniversary, house warming etc.

Premium 5 Ltr Footed Glass Beverage Dispenser with Tap

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