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The cup and saucer set embossed with red roses will add luxury to your table. bright red roses embossed on them! The gold leaves on the handle of the cups is just adorable. Relive the royal experience by sipping tea in our beautiful vibrant and exquisite cup and saucer set.


Composition: 6 Cups and 6 Saucers
Capacity of cup: 180 ML


About The Product

The cups are comfortable to hold and have the perfect size
Material: Finest Premium Porcelain
The cup and saucer sets come in beautiful gift boxes which makes them perfect for gifting or personal use
Light weight and chip resistant crockery

Vigneto Red Flower Cup Cup and Saucer Set of 12 pcs

  • We do not use any filters in our product photography. So you exactly get what you see on our website.

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